Coldcast or Metal Cold Cast Bronze Sculptures

MOST of us appreciate the rich, hansom quality of a bronze sculpture. Bronze seems never to be trendy, flippant or cutsie in nature. Because it is so durable and lasts the inroads of centuries, the themes it portrays tend to be more fundamental and enduring. In that it does not rely on color to makes its statement it emphasizes instead shape, line, composition, and execution to make its statement. Bronze sculptures are purchased for its quality as art and for the transcendental themes it evokes.

For the most part traditional bronze has been the purview and privilege of the more affluent. It is possible however to secure a sculpture that reflects the impact of a bronze without the attendant cost. That lies with cold cast, or cultured bronze sculptures.

To cast any sculpture the media must be in a liquid form in order to pour it. Traditional bronze is accomplished be melting the metal in a furnace and pouring it into a prepared mold. The process is extensive and expensive due in part to the several people needed to accomplish the finished piece.

Cold cast bronze on the other hand does not use heat, but rather uses metal which has been ground to powder. Several chemicals are mixed along with the powder to make a cold version of the hot bronze. The ultimate end result is a figure which has the look of a hot cast bronze but without the attendant cost.

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New Beginnings 3"x4" $50 Add to Cart
Brown Eyes (kestrel) 3"x4" $50 Add to Cart
Eagle Portrait h6" $140 Add to Cart

Buddy 8 ½"

Limited Edition: 5,000

$150 Add to Cart
Eagle Bust 3 ½" $40 Add to Cart
Loon 4 ½" $30 Add to Cart
Calling Loon 9"x 4 ¾" $140 Add to Cart
Horned Puffin 4"X4" $60 Add to Cart
Salmon $58 Add to Cart
The Great Northern 6 ¼" $46 Add to Cart
Halibut 3"x 4" $40 Add to Cart
Rainbow Trout 3"x4" $40 Add to Cart
Land Otters 3 ½"x 6" $40 Add to Cart
Dinner on Stoneware 5 ½" $50 Add to Cart
Himself 12""x 8 ½" $350 Add to Cart
Oomingmak 16" x 8" (muskox) $450 Add to Cart
Bruin 6" $50 Add to Cart
Mother Bear and Cub 4 ½" $50 Add to Cart
Bees 4 ½" $50 Add to Cart
Testing The Wind 5" x 6" $60 Add to Cart
Bear Patrol 4 ¾" $40 Add to Cart
Bear Essentials 4"x 4 ½" $60 Add to Cart
Bear’s Prime Time 4"x4" $50 Add to Cart
Polar Bears 6"x 3" $60 Add to Cart
Mountain Goat 4"x 4" $50 Add to Cart
Prime Time- Wolf 4"x 5" $50 Add to Cart

Blue Whale and Baby 7"

Limited Edition: 5,000

$90 Add to Cart
Baby Orca 5" $40 Add to Cart

Orchastra 10"

Limited Edition: 5,000

$120 Add to Cart
The Right Whale 4" $40 Add to Cart
Humpback Whale 5" $40 Add to Cart
Harbor Seals 4 ½" $40 Add to Cart

First Breath Ht.5"

Limited Edition

$70 Add to Cart
Dolphin 4" $40 Add to Cart
Bolas (bear, eagles, wolf) $30 Add to Cart
Back to top Scratching Bear $12 Add to Cart
Preening Duck $12 Add to Cart
Polar Bear 4 ½"x 5" $60 Add to Cart
Bear in a Tree Snag 5" $50 Add to Cart
Scratching Bear $20 Add to Cart
Klondike Gold Miner 4" $50 Add to Cart
Fin Whales 7"x 10" $160 Add to Cart
Perched Eagle 6" $60 Add to Cart
Eaglets 3 ½" $20 Add to Cart

Calling Eagle Bust 6"x 6 ½"

Limited Edition: 5,000

$140 Add to Cart
Rabbit Family 5 ½"x 9" $80 Add to Cart
Rabbit Pairs 3" (two versions) $20 Add to Cart
Fawn 3" $16 Add to Cart
Fox Chasing Tail 3" $18 Add to Cart
Mammoth 3"x 7"x 4" $90 Add to Cart
Sitting Bear and Cub Ht 3" $50 Add to Cart
Bear on its Back L 4 ¼" $40 Add to Cart
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