Dale Hanson - Alaska Carver and Sculptor

DALE HANSON is an accomplished sculptor, carver and artist who has led a life of adventure and enjoyed numerous accomplishments. He is a black belt martial artist, writes literature and poetry, parachutes, flies airplanes and gliders, does aerobatics and is a Special Forces underwater diver. He is a disabled veteran and a member of MENSA.

During the Vietnam War, Dale was a highly decorated Green Beret who served three years as a commando in the famous SOG program, whose mission involved extremely dangerous raids far behind enemy lines. This unit received more decorations and suffered higher rates of casualties than any American unit since the American Civil War. On one of these raids, Dale earned the first of several purple hearts as his right hand was mangled by a burst of machine gun fire. It is ironic that he became a sculptor, a field in which one's hands are so critical.

The artistic fruit of those hands today can be found in collections of thousands of people throughout the world. Signature to his work is a strong emphasis on artistic composition, grace, and flowing lines, combined with attention to detail. Most of his work centers on wildlife.

Dale has over one hundred-and-fifty active editions expressed in most hot and cold cast media. In addition, he sculpts originals in stone, wood, and other media.

Dale's studio is in beautiful, pristine Sitka, Alaska, where abundant wildlife can be studied from her lofty peaks and ocean fjords.