"Cormorant Couple" is my newest piece. Visit the Soapstone page for more information and to purchase this soapstone sculpture.

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Wood Carvings, Soapstone Carvings, Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, and more, for sale online

Wood carvings for sale, soapstone carvings for sale, cold cast bronze sculpture, bronze sculpture for sale, and much more! Wood CarvingSoapstone, Bronze, Masks, Alabaster, Papercast, Ivory, Whalebone, Mandible, and Coldcast Bronze original wildlife and people of the north Carvings and Sculpture are for sale here online, all by Sitka, Alaska artist, sculptor and carver, Dale Hanson.

Learn about each medium when visiting our web pages. Dale, who has been carving and sculpting for over 20 years, shares his in-depth knowledge of carving, sculpting and working with wood, soapstone, bronze, coldcast bronze, alabaster, paper cast, ivory, whalebone, mandibles and masks.

Also available are Treasures of Alaska, work by other Alaskan artists. You can order items wholesale or retail on the product pages listed above or by selecting them from the links in the menu to the left. We accept VISA and Mastercard and PayPal.

(Product photos by Rafe and Dale Hanson)